A break in style?

17 06 2009

Although the world of F1 moves quickly, I would like to take another look at the FIA’s statement on its negotiations with FOTA that was released yesterday.

(It can be found here http://fia.com/en-GB/mediacentre/pressreleases/f1releases/2009/Pages/fia_fota.aspx)

Whilst the content of the letter presents its viewpoint of its dealings with FOTA, its style struck me more than what it was saying. The FIA’s usual output to the media consists of either transcripts of letters and meetings, or dry statements of facts in a highly officious tone.

Yesterdays release departed from this drastically, adopting a less formal journalistic tone. It surprised me to the extent I thought I was reading an editorial preface added by the website I read it on.

So why did the FIA do this? Firstly they wanted to release something that would actually read by the fans, Whilst FOTA’s comments get picked up eagerly by the fans of the various teams they support, the FIA’s statements tend to be so dry they get absorbed in to editorial output, and become easily ignored.

Secondly there are a number of newspapers who don’t have large resources and will often try to edit press releases into articles with very little editing or commentary, the FIA’s release is perfect for this, and will likely get exposure it otherwise wouldn’t.

Perhaps the biggest thing we can take from the article though is that the FIA recognises that the only true judges in this contest are the fans, no matter what happens in the courtroom, it is the fans who will really decide who is in the right at the end of this argument. Hopefully the FIA will remember this as it makes its decisions in the future.




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