The Great Puppeteer

23 06 2009

During the BBC’s coverage of the British Grand Prix on Sunday they spoke to Max Mosley, where he made the assertion that Flavio Briatore was keen to take over running the commercial activities of formula one from Bernie. This was somewhat of a surprise as Flav and Bernie are close friends and business partners owning queens park rangers together.

Bernie is 78 years old, and although he is arguably doing the job as well as he ever has, he is understandably having to step back a little; missing the first race of the year in Melbourne, as well as Turkish Grand Prix earlier in the month. He would undoubtedly deny his age is hampering his ability to run the sport but he isn’t getting any younger.

There has also been recent speculation that Max could step behind the scenes at the FIA putting a replacement of his choosing in the president’s role, but keeping all the power. This would allow him to avoid any personal involvement in the politics, but at the same time keep hold of the organisation he sees as his own.

Putting all these facts together with a bit of imagination and a theory (or conspiracy theory) materialises. Could Bernie be putting Flav forward as a replacement who he could act through, in the short term at least? Of course Flav is a very strong personality, and going by the size of his yacht, he isn’t short on ambition either. But moving from a team boss to run the commercial side of F1 is no easy task, and doing it with Bernie’s support would defiantly make that process easier.

It could be attractive to Bernie as well. It would allow him to step back from the demands of the sport somewhat, whilst still having a stay. It could also be very difficult for him to move into running a FOTA series, without facing lawsuits from the people he currently does it for in F1, CVC.

It’s just a theory, but could it just be plausible?




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