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The time has come for me to start a blog, despite the concept being quite old in internet terms, I haven’t had any reason to utilise one… until now. Politics is an intrinsic part of f1, and an element of the sport I find fascinating, and perhaps unusually, every bit as interesting as the racing itself. I don’t expect everyone who reads this blog to share this interest, however if you don’t enjoy it, I hope it will at least be informative, and help give some perspective as to what is happening in the sport away from the track.

I guess i should write a little about myself (without giving too much away). I have a degree in Politics and International Relations, so I have some experience of political analysis. I have been around the world twice, and travelled widely. I have been an F1 fan since the 1992 season, although i grew up in the Middle East and f1 coverage was hard to come by for a few years, and then when it did become available, English commentary was allusive.  My interest in f1 racing declined during the years of Schumacher dominance; however I remained interested in the politics, finding myself in the strange situation of following a sport but not actually watching the events themselves. I fell back in love with the racing in 2005, and have been following it ever more closely since then. I discovered the online f1 community through blogs and Sidepodcast this year, and it has led me to the point of launching this blog.

This blog begins at a time when the politics are as dramatic and erratic as they have ever been.  I hope to cover this with a slightly more analytical approach than the mainstream f1 news resources. I don’t have any access to the f1 paddock, f1 people, or insiders, so i will be looking at news from reputable news sources, and trying to look at what it means. I will only be using sources which I consider trust worthy and will attempt to provide sources wherever possible.

I cant promise this will be brilliant at first, or that I will be right all the time, so please comment and let me know what you think!


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